Daniel Jossen

Daniel Jossen

Clinical mental health counselors are professionals who are trained to help provide guidance and counseling services to those suffering from disorders such as depression, anxiety, and other mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges. To become a licensed counselor, professionals must complete their master’s program, which includes specialized classes, training, and supervised fieldwork with more experienced counselors in their field.

Clinical mental health counselors can counsel their patients either individually or in group sessions to provide clinical diagnosis and treatment. Certified counselors have experience in several areas such as family and couples counseling, human sexuality, substance abuse, addiction counseling, counseling victims of trauma and abuse, anger management, and more.

The many roles of clinical mental health counselors are vast, including a diverse range of responsibilities such as working with communities to improve mental health; evaluating mental, behavioral, and emotional health; conducting preliminary interviews; keeping records from a first consultation to the end of treatment; and helping with the development and implementation of intervention and recovery plans.

About Daniel Jossen

Dan is a mental health professional based in the Washington, DC / Bethesda, MD area. He made the decision to enter the clinical mental health counseling space because of his passion for helping people, as he realized that the current mental health epidemic is having a substantial negative impact on many people within our communities. As a proponent of leveraging self-care strategies to help individuals with their mental, physical, and spiritual health, Daniel Jossen currently provides therapy to ~15 clients as part of his internship training and is committed to guiding these individuals on their journeys to make positive changes.

Those who have worked with Dan during his time as a therapist speak to his profound interest in uplifting others through holistic guidance tailored to their individual mental, behavioral, and emotional health goals. In addition to being passionate about helping others grow and develop essential self-care skills, Daniel is committed to serving as a thoughtful, non-judgmental therapist who fosters a safe environment for all clients. Daniel specializes in a variety of therapeutic tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy, body awareness, and mindfulness.

DanielJossen.com — A One-Stop-Shop for Mental Health Insights and More

Daniel Jossen

Many experts report that the United States is currently facing a long brewing mental health crisis. Between 2019 and 2020, 20.78% of adults were experiencing at least one mental illness. An estimated 26% of American adults aged 18 or older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder within a given year, while 1 in 25 adults are living with a serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder, major depression, or schizophrenia.

When you consider these statistics, the need for comprehensive mental health solutions becomes clear. From professionals within the field to those seeking out services, resources that provide high-level information on best practices, strategies, etc. can be extremely helpful for making more informed decisions regarding mental health needs and effective solutions.

DanielJossen.com was created as a platform for interested readers who would like to further their understanding of mental health through content that is easily digestible for both professionals within the field and clients.

Through self-care recommendations and insights from Daniel Jossen, this site aims to help individuals improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health by leveraging impactful strategies while learning about the many moving parts involved in holistic mental health.  

Future content will empower readers to make more informed decisions within the mental health space by allowing them to:

Learn More About Clinical Mental Health Counseling Processes

Obtaining a clearer picture of the clinical mental health counseling field, its processes, best practices, technologies, and specialties is beneficial for professionals looking to refine their commitment to helping clients as well as those pursuing clinical counseling services. This is why a primary goal of this site is to provide clinical mental health counseling resources from multiple perspectives to help individuals learn more about the ins and outs of the space.

Draw from Effective Self-Care Strategies

Daniel Jossen

The demand for effective self-care techniques and strategies has never been higher, and this popularity has increased exponentially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of Daniel Jossen’s passions as a therapist is helping clients realize the many ways that they can contribute to self-care and improve their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health as a result. For this reason, readers can expect this site to include comprehensive content that explores self-care strategies, the benefits of implementing them, the intersection of self-care and mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, and much more.

Keep Up with Industry News

The mental health landscape is constantly growing and developing, and Daniel Jossen speaks to how staying updated with these changes can be an excellent way to evaluate new trends, learn from thought leaders leading innovation, better adapt to the needs of clients, and remain on the cutting edge of the industry. With this in mind, this site will include news linked to the mental health field as well as Mr. Jossen’s insights on how certain changes may impact the future of the space.

Interested in More Health and Wellness Guidance from Daniel Jossen?

One of Daniel Jossen’s favorite aspects of the mental health field is that it is constantly evolving to address the diverse needs of clients, new research, shifts in best practices, and more. Mr. Jossen mentions how professionals, institutions, and clients alike can benefit from having comprehensive resources that explore the space and all of the moving parts involved in maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual health.

If you would like to learn more about clinical mental health counseling, self-care, health and wellness guidance, and a wide variety of associated topics, you have come to the right place! Feel free to check out this site for frequent posts inspired by Daniel Jossen’s insights.